Newbattle at War a history of the Parish at war   

 Now featuring Scots in the Great War Living History Society.    


Dedicated to my late Grandfather Private 64457 John Duncan Royal Army Medical Corps whom I never met, but was my inspiration to make this journey, and to all the other men from the Parish who did their duty for King and Country.

My Granny's brother Private S/26739 Charlie Gibson 4th Seaforth Highlanders who died of wounds received in action 23rd October, 1918.


This site commemorates the men from the Parish of Newbattle in Midlothian who fought and sadly for many,died in the Great War of 1914 - 1919 and the Second World War of 1939-1945.

Nearly 200 men did not
return to their villages of Newtongrange, Newbattle, Easthouses, Lothian Bridge and Eskbank, collectively known as Newbattle Parish.

 "Your Country Needs You" - This is their story.

"They gave their bodies to the Commonwealth and received each for his memory praise that will never die, and with it the noblest sepulchre - not the post where their bones are laid, but a place in the minds of men"


The Miner's secret war

Roll of Honour

Men of the Parish who fell


Newbattle Parish in WW2

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The APSS Strutter videos

Takeover Day

At the Mining Museum

Moorfoot WW1

Moorfoot Primary visit

Street of Sorrow - a short film 

The impact of war on one street in Newtongrange during the Great War.

Street of Sorrow - Newtongrange Primary entry for Legion Scotland Remembrance Film competition. Very proud to have worked with the kids on this project looking at the impact of war on Newtongrange. 

Sadly we didn't win but it was great effort none the less, and everyone involved in the project gained something from it. Onward and upwards.